Cleanup Stuff® Oil Spill Kit Bucket Absorbs 6+ Gallons

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The perfect Oil Spill Kit for around water in a water proof, highly visible 5 gallon red bucket. Our Oil Spill Kit contains all the essentials to effectively remediate hydrocarbon spills. The water repelling pillow and pad absorbents will soak up more than 6 gallons of oil. This kit also comes with safety googles, gloves and disposal bags.

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If you have to deal with small oil spills on a regular bases this is the spill kit for you. This oil only kit will absorb 6 plus gallons of hydrocarbons. The absorbents in this kit repel water, will not sink in water and absorb hydrocarbons only. The bucket container is weather proof and because it is red with a large “Spill Kit” sticker it is easy to find when needed. Oil only absorbents repel water so they are perfect for use around water in marinas, on boats and in vehicles where you could have fuel or engine leaks.

Quick Overview:

  • Easy to see five gallon red bucket
  • Bucket is heavy duty plastic
  • Large “Spill Kit” sticker included
  • Absorbs six plus gallons
  • Bucket is weather proof
  • EZ peel lid for quick removal of lid
  • Sooker absorbents make clean up in tight spaces possible
  • Safety First: goggles for eye protection, gloves for hand protection and caution yellow disposal bags
  • Re-sealable to protect unused left over absorbents
  • Get two uses out of a kit, extra nitrile gloves and disposal bags included
  • Ties included with caution yellow disposal bags
  • Contact us if you have a custom kit need

Here’s why the CleanUp Stuff Oil Spill Kit is a better value than our competitors

  • The 5 gallon red bucket is weatherproof and re-sealable. The bright red color makes it easy to find when you need it
  • You will save precious time when a spill happens with the EZ open lid
  • Included are 5 super sookers for quick clean-up and containment plus 15 oil only pads that are perforated and super absorbent
  • For your or your employees protection we include safety goggles and nitrile gloves plus yellow caution colored disposal bags/ties
  • The lid is re-sealable, protects unused absorbents. The included extra gloves and disposal bags make the “leftovers” ready for next spill
  • Helps you complies with regulations 29 CFR, 40 CFR, and 49 CFE.
  • All materials are non-toxic and the filler in the sookers is recycled material

Here’s why our spill kits work so well at cleaning up spills fast and saving you money

First, they contain 5 Sookers instead of the more traditional absorbent socks. We feel sookers are they more effective than socks. They’re large, 8 by 18 inches, and they’re super absorbent because their surface area is much larger than that of socks. When you apply them to a spill, they soak up the liquid in record time.

Most bucket kits have two absorbent socks 3 inched by 48 inches which is 284 square inches of absorption surface. We replace the absorbent socks in our kits with what we call Sookers. They are like an 8″x18″ pillow. We include 5 Sookers which have a total of 720 square inches of absorption area. Kits with socks 288 square inches of absorption vs ours with 720 square inches of absorption surface.

With Sookers you also have two options for use. You can soak up the spill immediately by placing them on the spill directly, or you can arrange them around a spill to contain it, much like you would do with socks. And since sookers are malleable like pillows, they can be squished into tight spaces where they can prevent liquids from seeping out.

Of course, that’s not all! Our kits also contain 15 large, highly absorbent propylene pads of 15 by 18 inches each. These pads are dimpled, which gives them an enhanced surface area, which also lets them absorb liquids very quickly. In addition, they’re perforated, so you can tear them into sections and use only as much as you need, right then and there, which also saves you money.

Helps You Comply With Safety Regulations

With this kit you can comply with general safety regulations, including 49 CFE, 40 CFR and 29 CFR. Disposal of used absorbents must be done according to local, State and Federal requirements. So be sure to familiarize yourself with any and all rules and regulations so staff can be properly trained.

Environmentally Friendly

Quick cleanup of any spills is important when it comes to protecting the environment. This kit give you the tools to help you do just that. In addition, the filler in the sookers are made out of recycled filler. All absorbents are non-toxic while unused. Used absorbents absorb the chemicals spilled and must be carefully handled and disposed of in accordance with any applicable regulations.

Spill Kit Contents:

  • 15 – Oil Only Absorbent Pads (15 inches x 18 inches),
  • 5 – Sookers (8 inches x 18 inches),
  • 1 – Pair Safety Goggles,
  • 2 – Pair Nitrile Gloves,
  • 2 – Yellow Disposal Bags with Ties,
  • 1 – Instruction Sheet on using the kit,
  • 1 – 5 gallon Bucket,
  • 1 – Sealed Lid,
  • 1 – EZ open lid,
  • 1 – Spill Kit Sticker,
  • 1 – Type of Spill Kit Sticker on lid.


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