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  • Stack of universal absorbent padsAbsorbent pad workshop bench liners

    Cleanup Stuff® Absorbent Pads’ Heavy, 15″x18″, 100 pads

    • Heavy weight pads
    • Use for all types of oils and water based liquids
    • 15″ x 18″ size
    • Polypropylene material
    • Absorbs 28.2 oz per pad – 22 gallons per case of 100
    • Each pad is perforated down the middle so only use what you need saving money and waste
    • The pad are dimpled to increase fast wicking power just like the expensive pads
    • Keep your floors dry from leaks, spills and over spray to help prevent slip and falls
    • Perfect for industrial or home DIY maintenance applications
    • Gray in color
    • Soft and easy to work with, not stiff like some other products
    • Made in USA
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  • Stack of white oil absorbent padsCleaning up a fuel spill with oil absorbent pads

    Cleanup Stuff® Oil Absorbent Pads’ Heavy, 15″x18″, 100 pads

    • Cost effective
    • Absorbs 28.16 oz per pad
    • One case of 100 pads absorb 22 gallons of oil
    • Dimpled to speed wicking for faster cleanup
    • Perforated down the middle so you use only what your need saving money and waste
    • White color says for oils and fuels
    • Durable
    • A must have for all sizes of boats, yachts and ships
    • Highly absorbent polypropylene
    • Repels water and soaks up only oil and oil-based fluids
    • Great for industrial maintenance
    • Sturdy, yet soft
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  • Stack of white oil absorbent padsWhite oil absorbent pad

    Cleanup Stuff® Oil Spill Pads Kit


    These Oil Spill Pads are a must have item for boat owners in case of hydrocarbon fuel leaks. Choose from either a 25 or 50 pad kit, including gloves and disposal bags for safer cleanup. The highly absorbent perforated pads feature a dimple surface for faster wicking.

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  • Spill cleanup with super absorbent padsClean-up pads for the DIY mechanic

    Cleanup Stuff® Universal Sorbent Pad Kit


    These CleanUp Stuff Sorbent Pads are perfect for any tough, messy industrial cleaning job. These strong, gray perforated pads measure 15″x18″ each. Kits include either 25 or 50 absorbent pads, with nitrile gloves and trash bags for safer clean up. Have on hand when changing oil and filters on your vehicles or garden equipment.

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  • Cleanup Stuff® Water Absorbent Hurricane Sock


    Use our absorbent Hurricane Socks on your garage or basement doors and windows to prevent water seepage. A must have for driving rain storms or hurricanes. Each reusable gray sock measures 3″x 48″ and can absorb half a gallon of water.

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