Cleanup Stuff® Oil Spill Pads Kit

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These Oil Spill Pads are a must have item for boat owners in case of hydrocarbon fuel leaks. Choose from either a 25 or 50 pad kit, including gloves and disposal bags for safer cleanup. The highly absorbent perforated pads feature a dimple surface for faster wicking.

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You are out on the water with your boat and you have an oil leak or a fuel spill. Luckily you have some oil absorbent pads on board but then you realize you have no gloves to handle the soiled pads or disposal bags. This is exactly why we include nitrile gloves and disposal bags with our cleanup pads. When you need to use them you need gloves to handle them and a container to hold them in until you get back to shore.

Quick Overview

  • Oil only absorbent pads
  • Repel water
  • Nitrile gloves included
  • Disposal bags/ties included
  • Pads float on water even if saturated
  • Come in resealable water proof bag
  • Heavy duty pads
  • Perforated – use only what you need
  • Dimpled for faster wicking
  • Ideal for boaters
  • For route maintenance and emergency spills
  • Made in USA

Gloves and Disposal Bags Included for Easy Handling of Soiled Pads

Each size package of pads you purchase contain two or more sets of gloves and safety yellow colored bags so if all the pads are not used up on one spill you are still ready for the next one. The pack of 25 oil spill pads has two pairs of gloves and two disposal bags with ties and the 50 pack size has four pairs of gloves. All pads are shipped in a re-closeable, water proof bag to protect the contents.

Heavy Duty, Perforated to Save Money and Float on Water

These heavy duty contractor grade oil absorbent pads are 15 inches by 18 inches, white polypropylene. They are perforated down the middle so you save by not having to use an entire pad if not needed. The surface of each pad is dimpled for faster wicking. These highly absorbent oil soak pads repel water and will not sink even if saturated with oil. Safe to handle because they do not contain any hazardous ingredients. Good for routine maintenance as well as for emergency spill cleanup.

Great Absorption

Our pack of 25 pads is rated to absorb approximately 5.5 gallons of hydrocarbons and the 50 pad pack 11 gallons. Amount absorbed are approximates and depends upon many factors including viscosity and temperatures.

Good Practices for Boaters

The number of oil pads for spills you should have on hand pretty much depends upon the size and type of water craft you have.

The greatest potential for a fuel spill is when you are refueling. The U.S. Coast Guard recommends not filling fuel tanks more than 90 percent full. This allows room for fuel expansions and less chance of overflow. If you do not have one you should purchase an overflow attachment for your fuel tank air vent to contain any overflowing fuel.

Use our pads in your bilge when doing maintenance on your engine. They can also be used as a bilge pad, absorbing any spills or leaks so none of it is released into the water. Engine oil leaks tend to accumulate in the bilge. Check your bilge on a regular bases for any leaks or saturated oil absorbent pads. To minimize the amount of oil in your bilge check regularly for leaking seals, gaskets or hoses. Purchase a non-spill pump to draw crankcase oils out through the dipstick tube if you change your own oil.

What are the laws about Oil Spills on Water?

Accidental or not it is illegal under Federal Law to discharge any amount of fuel, oil or other petroleum products into the waters of the United States. What to do if you have a spill or discharge:

  • Identify the source and stop the leak
  • Notify the marina for assistance
  • Report to the Coast Guard National Response Center
  • Contain the spill and cleanup the spill
  • Disposal of all absorbents used according to local, State and Federal Regulations
  • DO NOT use soaps or detergents on a spill. They make the situation worse.

Additional information

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Oil Spill Pads – 25 pads (COILP25), Oil Spill Pads – 50 pads (COILP50)


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