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Garage Floor Mats, Garage Mats, Water Absorbent, Draft Stopper, Door Draft Stopper, Water Absorbent Sock.

Industrial Strength Solutions For Your Home & Garage. Proven Products - 100% Guaranteed.

Your online source for absorbent garage floor mats and garage floor snow mats to absorb melting snow. Super water absorbent socks for basement, door or window leakage problems. Draft stoppers help you save on utility costs and much more ...

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Abzorb Mat 6'x 18' Size

Unlike other garage floor protectors on the market our mat absorbs the rain water or melting snow. Prevents water from damaging your walls or cabinets and slip and falls. It has a non-penetrable backing so it protects your concrete floor also. The mat will work year round,  year after year. Available in 6' widths and lengths up to 150'. If you need a wider width combine a 3' mat to get a 9' wide mat. To save purchase in rolls and easily cut to size.
Garage Floor Protector 6' Widths

Hurricane Sock 3"x4' 10 socks

Use our water absorbent sock every where you have water leakage or moisture problems. Use on windows, doors, along basement walls or as a precaution around your water heater or water filtering system. Be prepared for use during a hurricane or rain storms to prevent driving rain from entering your home. Our Hurricane Socks™ are filled with a super absorbent polypropylene, are gray in color and measure 3" x 4' long. Reusable and are made with a tough outer casing.

Water Absorbent Hurricane Sock

Abzorb Mat 3'x8' Size

This garage floor mat absorbs engine and transmission leaks. Unlike other products it is maintenance free - it absorbs the fluids. The non-penetrable backing prevents grease and oil from staining your garage floor. The backing is guaranteed for three years against tearing, cracking or leaking. Your garage floor does not have to look like a mechanics bay. The 3'x8' is our top seller for the last 12 years. It easily covers the engine/transmission area of most vehicles. Will last for years.

Garage Floor Mat 3' Widths

Abzorb Sorbent Pads 15"x 18" 20 pads

Abzorb Sorbent Pads 15"x 18" 20 pads Industrial tough, super sorbent pads for use around the home, garage and workshop. These are what is known as universal pads because they absorb all types of liquids, oil based or water based. Used in industrial plants and by mechanics for general purpose clean up. Great to have on hand for a unexpect large spill.

Abzorb Sorbent Pads

Draft Stopper 3"x 42" 4 stoppers

Our Draft Stopper may not be as cute as others on the market but it certainly is less costly. You will be saving money sooner on your utility bills because you did not spend as much on a draft stopper. Use on windows and doors to save. Each draft stopper is filled with non-toxic, earth friendly, ground corn cob material for good insulation value. The casing is made of a tough polpropylene material and is a gray color.



Draft Stopper