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  • Garage floor mat snow rainGarage mat for trucks

    Cleanup Stuff® Garage Floor Mat – 9′ Widths


    Our two-section 9 foot wide garage mats for use under larger vehicles. Great for absorbing snow melt and keeping your garage floor safe and clean. Available in 9 size options.

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  • Garage absorbent floor matOil Absorbent Garage Floor Mat

    Cleanup Stuff® Garage Mat – 3′ Widths


    Our 3 foot wide garage mats come in four length options to suit your space. These low cost garage mats absorb vehicle leaks and have a leak-proof backing to prevent permanent concrete stains. Use under vehicles or equipment to absorb fluids and keep your garage floor safe and clean.

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  • garagematfloor

    Cleanup Stuff® Garage Mat – 6′ Widths


    The six foot wide CleanUp Stuff Mat is an economical catch-all floor mat for your garage. Available in 10 different lengths, these absorbent garage mats have a leak-proof backing to protect your concrete floor. They are ideal for use under small to medium size vehicles or other garage equipment.

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  • Golf cart garage floor matFloor mat absorbent top and leak-proof bottom

    Cleanup Stuff® Golf Cart Garage Floor Mat


    When you need to protect your garage floor from oil or battery acid the Cleanup Stuff golf cart mat is your solution. This tough, 6’x9′ polypropylene mat is virtually impossible to wear out. In addition it can absorb gallons of fluid.

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  • Motorcycle mat for garage floorsFloor mat absorbent top and leak-proof bottom

    Cleanup Stuff® Motorcycle Mat For Garage


    Available in two size options, this commercial grade motorcycle mat soaks up fluids and protects your garage floor from damage.

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