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Garage Solutions

Does Your Garage Floor Look Like an Oil Stained Service Bay?

Is a Slip and Fall Accident Just Waiting to Happen In Your Garage?

Sooner or later car engines tend to leak oil or antifreeze as well as air conditioning condensation. These fluids can cause not only a slip hazard but also ruin the appearance of you home by staining the concrete. Water from rain or melting snow coming off your vehicle is also a issue as well as a mess. Our CleanUp Stuff Absorbent Mat is an economical solution to these problems.

Unlike hard plastic trays the top side of the mat absorbs the fluids and the non-penetrable backing prevents the fluid from reaching the concrete. NO cleaning required.

Backing Guaranteed 3 Years - Made in USA
Our CleanUp Stuff Mats will last for years and are guaranteed for 3 years against tearing, cracking or leaking. Made in the USA.

Our top sellers are the 3 foot by 5 foot and 3 foot by 8 foot sizes for catching drips and leaks. These sizes work well for most vehicles and motorcycles as well as for use under lawn equipment. Use as a drip collector for changing oil or as an entry mat from the garage to the house.

Our wider absorbent mats can be purchased to park your entire car or truck on to capture rain water runoff or snow melt. Use under snowmobiles, lawn trackers or other equipment. Measure length and width of vehicle and add 1 to 2 feet.

New 9 Foot Wide Mat for Larger Vehicles. Control Rain Water or Snow Melt
The wider mats come in 6 foot widths and 9 foot widths. The 9 foot wide garage floor mat comes in two sections, a 3 foot wide and a 6 foot wide section.

Sorbent Pads Come With Disposal Bags and Nitrile Gloves.
For the professional or DIY mechanic do not forget to order our industrial strength sorbent pads. These pads also are great to have on hand for any emergency spills. With each order of pads we include 2 safety yellow disposal bags with ties and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves for safe handling.

These products are also great solutions for businesses. Use the Cleanup Stuff Mats under vehicles and equipment to absorb oil or other fluid leaks. If you have a service business and park on customers driveways, simply placing a mat under the vehicle engine area can prevent stains on the customers driveway and complaints. Great for under forklifts to capture fluids and battery acid leaks. Your fleet department cannot only use the mats but also the sorbent pads for every day maintenance jobs.

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CleanUp Stuff® Garage Floor Mat -  9' Widths
In Stock - Free Shipping *(48) - Buy 2+ Qty $12.00 OFF at Checkout
Golf Cart Garage Floor Mat
In Stock - Free Shipping *(48) - Buy 2+ Qty $12.00 OFF at Checkout. Use coupon code HAPPY2016
CleanUp Stuff Garage Mat  - 3' Widths
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In Stock - Free Shipping *(48) - Buy 2+ Qty $12.00 OFF at Checkout
CleanUp Stuff® Garage Floor Mat -  6' Widths
Average Rating(3)
In Stock - Free Shipping *(48) - Buy 2+ Qty $12.00 OFF at Checkout
CleanUp Stuff® Universal Sorbent Pad Kit
Average Rating(1)
In Stock - Free Shipping *(48) - Buy 2+ Qty $12.00 OFF at Checkout