Cleanup Stuff® Duffle Bag Oil Spill Kit

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This is a complete oil spill kit in a handy duffle bag that is easy to store. Weighing only 7 pounds, its absorbent sooker pillows and pads can soak up to 7 gallons of liquids. A portable and compact oil spill kit that is ideal for stowing in work vehicles and equipment.

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Oil spills can happen in lots of places, but they’re especially common with trucks, boats, or yachts. And it’s not just oil, but other hydrocarbon liquids that can escape, including gasoline and diesel fuel. Meaning speedy cleanup is a must, which calls for a fuel spill kit.

Quick Overview:

  • Visible, bright yellow color bag marked “Spill Kit”
  • Can absorbs up to 7 gallons
  • Oil Only absorbents
  • Absorbs hydrocarbons – repels water
  • Will float on water even if saturated with fluids
  • Can easily be stored
  • Safety goggles provide eye protection
  • Gloves for hand protection
  • Disposal bags with zip ties
  • Poly canvas material is water resistant
  • Fits in tight space
  • Opens on top. Re-sealable container to protect unused left over absorbents
  • Extra nitrile gloves and disposal bags – kit is ready for next spill if unused absorbents
  • Used sookers to control a spill like a sock or soak up spill directly
  • Sookers fit into tight spaces
  • Super absorbent pads float on water and are perforated so you only use what you need
  • Absorbents are USA made
  • Duffle bag can be refilled to save on costs
  • We can make custom kits. Contact us.

A Must Have Kit For Your Fleet Vehicles, Boat or Yacht In Case of a Fuel Spill or Leak

Why a fuel spill kit and not just a regular universal spill kit? You may have some of those on hand, which is always a good idea. But when you’re in a situation where you’re running a fairly high risk of having a fuel or oil spill, there are additional factors that make it advisable to stock up specifically on fuel kits. And when you’re in a situation where fuel is the most likely thing to spill, it’s a smart idea to focus. Especially if there’s fuel involved in an environment where there’s also water – having a fuel spill kit is crucial for safe containment.

For Use in Situations Where Oil or Fuel Can Mix With Water

Imagine you have a leaky fuel tank in a boat. The fuel will flow right into the water. Sure, it’ll float on top, but it will also spread fast. Now think about how you will get it cleaned up… If you use regular sookers, socks or pads filled with universal absorbents, they’ll soak up more water than fuel in that situation, and they’ll be unusable in an instant. Then what? Instead, if you have a fuel only spill kit, you can scoop the oil right off that watery surface and clean it up before it has much of a chance to spread (provided you have enough absorbents).

Why a Duffel Bag Kit?

They’re pliable and can be squished into tight spaces. You can tuck them behind the seat, cram them into a corner and in lots of other spaces that would be too small for buckets. Not only are duffel bags perfect for this sort of thing, but the absorbents inside those bags are very pliable as well, so they can be scrunched up right inside the duffel bag for easy storage.

Why Our Duffle Bag Spill Kit?

We work hard at offering you some of the most economical fuel spill kits. The duffel bag kits weigh just 7 pounds yet can generally absorb more than 7 gallons of liquid, more than the kits you may find elsewhere. And you’ll like what you find inside as well. About that bag… it has everything you need to contain a spill safely: the sookers, the absorbent pads, and also safety goggles and gloves, plus heavy duty disposal bags so you can dispose of the contaminated absorbents easily and efficiently. Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, you can put any left-over sookers or pads right back into the duffel bag, zip it back up and it’ll be ready to go for the next spill because additional gloves and disposal bags are included in the kit.

Helps You Comply With Federal, State and Local Regulations

Our oil spill kits meet and exceed all applicable safety regulations, including 29 CFR, 40 CFR, and 49 CFE. You may want to double check any local regulations as well, just to be sure, especially when it comes to disposing of the used absorbents.

Spill Kit Contents:

  • 20 – Oil Only Absorbent Pads (15 inches x 18 inches),
  • 5 – Oil Only Sookers (8 inches x 18 inches),
  • 1 – pair Safety Goggles,
  • 2 – pair Nitrile Gloves,
  • 2 – Yellow Disposal Bags with Ties,
  • 1 – Instruction Sheet on using the kit,
  • 1 – Poly canvas Duffle Bag (Dimensions empty: 5″ W x 11.5″ H x 11″ D),
  • 1 – Adjustable detachable shoulder strap


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