Cleanup Stuff® Duffle Bag Spill Kit Universal Absorbents

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Our bright red Duffel Bag Emergency Spill Kit includes universal absorbents, goggles, gloves and disposal bags. The contents of this portable kit can absorb up to 7 gallons of liquids. Keep one on hand in all your business vehicles for fast clean up response.

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Spills can happen anytime and anywhere, not just in your shop or facility. What if you’re on the road at a job and suddenly… you need to soak up a big spill? You need a kit that goes anywhere you go and is ready to use instantly. And luckily, we’ve got just the thing for you: our Emergency Spill Kit in a Duffel Bag!

Quick Overview:

  • Highly visible
  • Bright red color bag marked “Spill Kit”
  • Absorbs up to 7 gallons
  • Universal absorbents absorbs all liquids
  • Easily hang kit on wall or store behind seat
  • Safety goggles for eye protection
  • Nitrile gloves for hand protection
  • Safety yellow disposal bags with zip ties
  • Water resistant (not waterproof) poly canvas material
  • Easy top zipper access
  • Versatile kit – fits in tight space
  • Re-sealable container to protect unused left over absorbents
  • Extra nitrile gloves and disposal bags – kit is ready for next spill if unused absorbents
  • Sookers can be used to control leak like a sock or soak up spill quickly
  • Sookers easily fit into tight spaces
  • Pads are super absorbent and perforated so you only use what you need
  • Absorbents made in the USA
  • Refillable
  • Contact us if you need a custom kit

Easy to Store. Keep in Construction Vehicles, Fleet Cars, Service Trucks and Forklifts

You can keep this spill kit in your car, your truck, or even on your forklift. Like any duffel bag filled with “stuff,” it’s pliable and can fit in tight spaces if needed. Especially since the contents is very pliable as well.

Yet it can absorb as much as 7 gallons of miscellaneous liquid because this kit is filled with universal absorbents. That’s more than most comparable emergency spill kits can handle. And if you or your team members use different vehicles, make sure you have enough kits in every single one of them. You never want to be caught short!

So what makes our Emergency Spill Kit in a Duffel Bag such a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning up spills? What makes a duffle bag a great investment?

Let’s start by taking a look at what’s included in our Emergency Spill Kit:

  • A highly visible duffle bag in bright red color, water resistant, pliable poly canvas
  • An easy-open zipper opens the top compartment for instant access to the absorbents and safety accessories inside
  • The universal absorbents will soak up oils, chemicals, and water-based liquids
  • 5 large, super absorbent sookers and 20 polypropylene pads
  • Can be closed up again after use (and even refilled) to keep unused absorbents safe and ready for the next spill
  • Protects your hands and eyes with gloves and safety goggles
  • Includes heavy duty disposal bags so getting rid of contaminated absorbents is a breeze
  • Avoids waste since unused absorbents can be safely kept in the duffle bag for the next incident.

Economical and Easy Cleanup in a Duffel Bag

Our kits are also economical because there is never any waste. Imagine having a spill that uses up the contents of one bag, plus a sooker or two of a second bag. You simply zip up the second bag and it’s ready to go for next time! And… you can also replenish your supply of any of our absorbents and refill any duffel bag as needed. Even better, if you find that you often need more sookers and fewer absorbent pads than our emergency spill kit comes with, you can make adjustments accordingly when you order extra supplies.

Duffel Bags Are Easy To Store

Duffel bags are extremely practical, which you already know from the other duffel bags in your life, for example your gym bag. You can grab them and go, and they have room for a surprising amount of stuff. Plus our universal spill kit duffel bags are easy to find even in a fairly full car or truck because of their bright yellow color!

The other thing that makes them so practical is that they’re easy to stash just about anywhere there’s even a little room because they’re so pliable. And that’s doubly the case because their contents is superbly pliable as well. This means you can cram them into tight spaces without worry, and pull them back out when you need them.

This is in sharp contrast to spill kits in rigid containers, which can be bulky and waste a lot of space. Those have their place where space is not at a premium, for example in your facility or shop, but when it comes to making sure you have enough absorbents in your car or truck, duffel bags are the clear winners.

Our Emergency Spill Kits comply with all rules and regulations

You’ll be glad to know that our emergency spill kits comply with all applicable general safety regulations. These include 49 CFE, 40 CFR and 29 CFR. However, there may also be local and state regulations when it comes to handling spills and getting rid of used absorbents. Be sure you’re aware of these and comply with them all. And don’t forget to communicate them to your team.

In addition, you’ll be pleased to know that the absorbents in our sookers are made out of recycled materials. We strive to be environmentally friendly, not only in our mission to help you clean up spills quickly and securely, but also in how we manufacture our absorbents.

Spill Kit Contents:

  • 20 – Universal Absorbent Pads (15 inches x 18 inches),
  • 5 – Sookers (8 inches x 18 inches),
  • 1 – Pair Safety Goggles, 2-pair Nitrile Gloves,
  • 2 – Yellow Disposal Bags with Ties,
  • 1 – Instruction Sheet on using the kit,
  • 1 – Polycanvas Duffle Bag (Dimensions empty – 23.5″ W x 11.5″ H x 11″ D),
  • 1 – Adjustable detachable shoulder strap.


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