What to Check to Prevent Basement Water Leakage

Home basements can be a great functional place. You might find it is a better room to store all those extras rather than the garage, or you could make it up to be a getaway for your kids or for yourself. However, often basements are rendered unusable because of water infiltration problems. We often need to find some leaking basement solutions in order to do anything in them at all.

Stairs to basement

Remember that you cannot fix something if you do not know what the inherent cause is. Check to see if you simply correct these rather obvious problems that you might just solve your basement water leakage.

First of all you need to determine whether the cause of your water leakage is external or internal. It could be caused by condensation. Put a single piece of aluminum foil on the wall and look back in a week or so. You will be able to see whether the dampness is on the outside or the inside of this foil.

Leaking basement solutions can often be a lot simpler than you might imagine. Why not go outside your home and have a look at the land. You may find that it slopes inward instead of outward? By making some landscaping readjustment you can channel the rainwater away effectively.

Also outside the home you can look at your down pipes and gutters. These should be adjusted properly and free of leaves and other debris. Position channels to get the water moved away from your home to more appropriate areas.

Heavy shrubbery often causes unintended and potentially major issues. Moisture will build up in the soil, especially if you do not let direct sunlight do its job properly. This could be one of your external leaking basement solutions.

If you find that condensation or sweating can cause dampness in your basement, do what you can to ensure a free movement of air. This might mean channeling air-conditioning in there during the summer.

An effective and short-term option when it comes to leaking basement solutions is to put a water-absorbent-sock in the affected area. While you look for solutions to your longer term annoyance, these can be a short term and provide amazing assistance.


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