Universal Absorbent Boom 5″ x 10′

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Universal Absorbent Booms – 5″ diameter
4 booms per case.
Mesh sleeve outer, gray poly sock with poly-blend sorbent filler.
Absorbs: 23.3 gal/case (up to 5.8 gal/boom)
Dimensions: 5″ diameter x 10 feet long
Weight: 23lbs/case

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Use universal absorbent booms for fast spill response and cleanup on land

Quick Overview

  • Universal absorbency containment booms for large spills
  • Absorbent socks ideal for oils, coolants, solvents, or water
  • 10 foot long booms in two sizes: 5in or 8in dia.
  • Heavy duty mesh sleeve encases a polypropylene sock and filler
  • Super absorbent booms can soak up to 9.5gal. each
  • Durable carbon steel hardware and nylon rope connectors
  • Sold as four universal absorbent sock booms per package
  • Ideal for fast and efficient spill containment and response
  • Quick and convenient large capacity spill control solution

Product Information

Our universal absorbent booms for water and other liquids are ideal for large spill containment on land. Each 10 foot long boom absorbs up to 9.5 gallons each, or 38 gallons per package of four. Choose from two size dia. options – either 5in or 8in diameter.

Gray color coding indicates this product is suitable for universal liquid spill response. Use them to soak up everything from oil-based liquids, to coolants, solvents, or water spills.

Construction materials feature a tough mesh netting outer casing for excellent durability. Inside, the absorbent polypropylene sock and filler will not shed even when saturated. Nylon rope and carbon steel hardware enable booms to connect together in custom lengths. This durable connector system also makes boom retrieval quick and easy.

Deploy heavy duty absorbent sock booms around spill sites to contain and keep them from spreading. Absorb water and other liquids due to leaks, spills, condensation and more. Prevent accidents or injury by keeping your work place clean and dry.

Fast and efficient to deploy

Our absorbent water and oil booms are perfect for handling small or major spills over a large area. Easily clip multiple booms together to create a custom length spill response solution.

Simply hold each boom by its end, shake to evenly distribute the filler, then toss into action. Keep these universal booms in place until saturated or the spill is absorbed.

Absorbs a large variety of liquids

Use water and oil absorbent booms on a wide range of liquid spills. Universal absorbency ensures these booms are an excellent option to keep on hand at just about every industry or job site.

Just one high capacity boom can absorb up to 5.8 gallons of coolant, solvents, oil spills, or water. Soak up acids, corrosives, caustics, anti-freeze and more. These booms are also suitable for battery acid spill kits but not compatible with higher concentrations of sulfuric acid.

For oil spills on water, see our specialty line of floating oil absorbent booms that are ideal for marine applications.

Tough and durable construction

A strong, UV-resistant mesh netting sleeve helps protect the absorbent sock and filler materials. That means that even when fully saturated, these booms won’t shed or fall apart. Nylon rope and carbon steel hardware connectors securely join multiple booms together in any length.

Create a flexible barrier around spills

Deploy one or more super absorbent booms around the perimeter of a spill or leak site. Booms form an efficient containment berm that can quickly absorb a wide range of liquids. Toss absorbent pillows, oil absorbent pads or other mobile spill kit contents inside to aid faster spill cleanup.

Use booms to surround machinery, IBC totes, overpacks and other large tank containment systems. Universal containment booms will quickly absorb potential leaks or spills to ensure your floors remain dry and safe.

Color code your spill containment

These booms come in dirt-disguising gray, which indicates sorbents are suitable for universal applications. Make sure your work place has the correct absorbent for each application. Keep yellow absorbents on hand to respond to hazmat chemical spills. And sorbents that are white in color are specific to cleaning up oil spills and leaks.


Technical Information

Mesh outer sleeve. Gray poly sock skin with highly-sorbent poly blend filler. Carbon steel hardware and nylon rope connectors.

Suitable for use with battery acid but not compatible with higher concentrations of sulfuric acid.

Ensure all clean up personnel wear appropriate PPE gear. Always dispose of spill control materials according to federal/state regulations.


Compliance Information

Helps you comply with Federal Regulations:

  • 40 CFR 112.7(c)(1)
  • 40 CFR 122.26
  • 40 CFR 263.30(a)
  • 40 CFR 263.31



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