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Water Absorbent Hurricane Sock

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A Water Absorbent Solution For Your Home

The Hurricane Sock™ is a water absorbent sock for your garage, basement, windows and doors. Controls liquids and can help prevent permanent water damage. We call it the Hurricane Sock™ because thousands of socks have been sold to Florida homeowners for use around windows and doors to protect their homes from the driving rain during a hurricane. It's hurricane tough

Each water absorbent sock will absorb up to approximately one gallon of water. If you have a leaky basement or window moisture problem, here is the solution. Economical and can last for years with proper care. NEW IMPROVED MODEL  can be dried quickly  and reused over and over again. Simply place the soaked socks in the spin cycle of your washing machine for a few minutes to get the excess water out and then place in your dryer on low or regular heat only.  If sock is soiled hand wash only then follow drying instructions (washing machine spin cycle then dryer).

The exterior of the sock is made of a strong tubular poly material filled with super absorbent polypropylene. Conforms to almost any surface.

Decrease water damage, dampness and mildew with our water absorbent sock. Use it along leaky basement walls, use it to collect window moisture and leakage along sliding doors. Be prepared, place the Hurricane Sock™ around your water heater, washing machine and water filtering system just in case they spring a leak.

The Hurricane Sock™ is gray in color and is 3 inches around and 4 feet long (measurements are approximate due to manufacturing process).

Quick Overview

  • Can prevents permanent damage.
  • Use along windows, doors, basement walls, water heaters, washing machines and garage cabinets.
  • Absorbs approximately one gallon of water.
  • Reusable, just place in the spin cycle of your washing machine and then in your dryer on low or regular heat only and use over and over agai
  • Tough, economical and long lasting with proper care..
  • Conforms to almost any surface.
  • Easier then a mop and bucket or rolled up towels.
  • No chemical content
  • No residue or white fluff
  • Not slimy when wet
  • 100% poly filler that is 100% recycled
Item Description Our Price Quantity Action

Hurricane Sock 3"x4' 2 socks

Order today. You never know when you might need the Hurricane Sock.

Others Charge:


Hurricane Sock 3"x4' 4 socks

The Hurricane sock is reusable, over and over again. If they get wet just let them air dry.

Others Charge:


Hurricane Sock 3"x4' 10 socks

Super water absorbent sock for your leaky basement, window moisture and garage floor.

Others Charge:


Hurricane Sock 3"x4' 30 socks

Keep a case of  Hurricane Socks on hand just incase.

Others Charge:

Product Reviews

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  • Reviewed by kvskelton - Florida
    Customer Service
    This company knows the meaning of customer service! There was a "hiccup" on my first shipment. Jim handled it professionally and efficiently - and he handled it the way I wanted without me having to ask.

    I just received my first order of Hurricane Socks and it looks like they will do exactly what I need during the next torrential rains.
  • Reviewed by Carla H. - Evansville IN
    So glad I found you on the internet.
    Received our "water socks" yesterday and they have already been of benefit. So glad I found you on the internet. I already been spreading the word on this wonderful product of yours.
  • Reviewed by Melissa A. - Annandale VA
    Hurricane Irene no problem
    Couldn't of made it through Hurricane Irene without my Hurricane Socks. I just need MORE. Thanks