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Garage Floor Mat 3' Widths

garage floor mat
absorbent mat garage floor protector
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This Low Cost Garage Floor Mat Absorbs Vehicle Leaks.

Prevent Permanent Concrete Stains With the Garage Floor Mat Non-Penetrable Backing

Your home is your most valuable asset and the garage floor mat can help to keep it looking like new. Protect your homes value with the Cleanup Stuff™ Abzorb Mat™. Save money on costly degreasers. Save time so you can enjoy the weekend with the family by not having to scrub the garage floor.

Our super absorbent garage floor mat will prevent your garage floor or driveway from permanent damage caused by unsightly oil stains. Finally there is a better way to prevent your concrete from looking like a service bay. For under $20.00 and without chemicals you can get years (yes- years) of protection from vehicle oil leaks with our absorbent mat.

The top side of the Abzorb Mat™ is made of a super absorbent polypropylene. Unlike other plastic products on the market this mat will absorb all liquids and not leave the fluids sitting on the top of the tray for you to clean up. The mat is charcoal gray in color to mask leaks. Being approximately 1/8th inch thick it is easy to handle and is non flammable in its original state.

The bottom side of this absorbent mat is a strong vinyl material which is bonded to the top material. The "stain stopper" backing is non-penetrable and skid resistant on most surfaces. The mat will lay flat and resists curling and buckling. The backing is so tough we guarantee it for three years against tearing, cracking or leaking.

This absorbent mat is environmentally friendly. Oil drips and antifreeze leaks are captured in the mat and do not end up in the storm drain when you wash your garage or driveway. When your mat becomes saturated with oil you should dispose of it properly. Most Cities have programs where you can drop off hazardous home products.

The mat can be used outside. When it rains it will absorb water but will air dry and work just fine.

For years, businesses have been using absorbent technology to save money on cleaning costs and to protect their property. Now you can too with the garage floor mat!

Quick Overview

  • Prevents permanent damage caused by oil, rust and water stains.
  • Holds gallons of oil or any liquid over time.
  • No hassle, around the clock protection.
  • Dark gray color hides leaks.
  • Absorbs all fluids.
  • Easy to install.
  • Saves time - no maintenance once installed.
  • Saves money - no costly degreasers or cleaning products to buy.
  • Non-penetrable backing is guarantee three years against tearing, cracking or leaking through.
  • Backing is non-skid on most surfaces.
  • Recyclable.
  • Good for the environment, captures fluids that can end up in the storm drain system.
  • Over 24 uses - under your BBQ, motorcycle, pet food dishes, golf cart, as a trunk liner, etc
  • Additional savings by purchasing in rolls. Mat can easily be cut with a scissors or razor knife.
Item Description Our Price Quantity Action

Abzorb Mat 3'x3' Size, Weight 3 lbs

The 3' x 3' size mat is the perfect size Abzorb Mat for your small car, under lawn equipment, as a trunk liner or for your motorcycle. If you need a grill mat, this size is perfect for under your BBQ.

Others Charge:


Abzorb Mat 3'x5' Size, Weight 4 lbs

This is our most popular size and biggest seller. The 3' x 5' size covers the engine area of most cars on the market. This garage floor covering is also popular as a SUV cargo liner and as a workbench cover

Others Charge:


Abzorb Mat 3'x8' Size, 6 lbs

If you have a larger vehicle the 3'x 8' Abzorb Mat may be what you need. For most cars this size garage floor mat will cover the engine and transmission. If you need a longer length just let us know. We do custom lengths at no additional charge (800) 869-9633.

Others Charge:


Abzorb Mat 3'x50' Size, 21 lbs

With over 24 uses for the Abzorb Mat you can easily use a 50 foot roll. You save money by purchasing by the roll. The garage floor mat can easily be cut with a scissors or razor knife.

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Abzorb Mat 3'x150' Size, 61 lbs

Buy the Abzorb Mat by the roll to save. You can easily cut it with scissors or razor knife.

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Product Reviews

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  • Reviewed by Bill B - Midlothian VA
    Great product many could benefit from.
    Abzorb mat is a great product that many people may not be aware of but would benefit them in many ways. I have been using it the past few years to keep a leak form my 1986 Pontiac from leaking across the garage floor. Great product and immediate, timely and friendly service from PCI.
  • Reviewed by Phil D - Story City IA
    Garage mat is as advertised
    Please send me two oil retention mats 3'x5'. Rarely does one find a product that meet the performance claim of the retailer. Your product meets and exceeds any and all promises made! Enclosed is my check.
  • Reviewed by Cynthia K. - Houston TX
    Wood floor protector for under my refrigerator.
    One of your products has helped me solve a real problem.

    I recently purchased a home with a lovely hardwood floor in the kitchen. My biggest concern in caring for it was the area under the refrigerator.

    From my years as a home owner I know that condensation and minor leaks are inevitable under a refrigerator. I looked ant all of the local hardware for something thin and flat and absorbent water wouldn't soak through. I fortunately found you on the internet and ordered a mat.

    What a perfect solution. I cut the mat to fit and slid it under the refrigerator. Now I know that my floor is well protected.
  • Reviewed by mikerogne
    Using the mat for my woodworking hobby.
    I got around to trying out the abzorb mats for woodworking, and they absolutely work GREAT! Lacquer, polyurethane, paints AND stains were all soaked up no problem. Absolutely love them... work GREAT, and much less hassle than cleaning up the old way. Thanks again!